Updated Jan 2, 2024

Terms and Conditions of For Your Eyes Only (FYEO)

Last updated: 9 Jan 2023

1. Acceptance of Terms

- Introduction to FYEO.

- Statement that by accessing or using FYEO, users agree to these terms.

2. Use of the Service

- Description of the services provided by FYEO.

- User responsibilities and acceptable use policy.

- Prohibition of illegal use, including copyright infringement and fraudulent activities.

3. User Accounts

- Requirements for creating and maintaining an account.

- Confidentiality of account credentials.

- User responsibility for all activities that occur under their account.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

- Statement of ownership of all content on FYEO (excluding user-generated content).

- Restrictions on copying, redistributing, or using any content from FYEO without permission.

5. User-Generated Content

- Policies regarding content users may submit (e.g., reviews, ratings).

- FYEO's right to use, reproduce, modify, or remove user content.

- User declaration that they own or have the right to use submitted content.

6. Bookings and Transactions

- Terms related to event bookings, payments, and cancellations.

- Disclaimer regarding transaction issues and third-party services.

- Refund and exchange policies, if applicable.

7. Promotions and Offers

- Rules and conditions for promotions and offers available through FYEO.

- Limitations and expiration of such promotions.

8. Privacy Policy

- Reference to the Privacy Policy and how user data is handled.

- Encouragement to read and understand the Privacy Policy.

9. Limitation of Liability

- Limitation of FYEO's liability in connection with the use of the service.

- Disclaimer of warranties and representations about the service.

10. Indemnification

- User agreement to indemnify FYEO against claims arising from their use of the service.

11. Termination

- Conditions under which a user's access to FYEO may be terminated.

- Consequences of termination.

12. Changes to Terms

- FYEO's right to modify the Terms and Conditions.

- Method of notifying users about changes.

13. Governing Law

- The governing law and jurisdiction for legal disputes.

14. Contact Information

- How users can contact FYEO for questions about the Terms and Conditions.

15. Miscellaneous

- Other legal provisions, such as severability, waiver, and entire agreement.